June 28, 2013

Dearest Mama... you are not alone

To the working mother who has to drop her child off each morning, so that she can provide for him a place to sleep at night. The one who knows how it feels to miss out on first steps and first words. The one who cries in the car as she pulls away from her child's school, because she couldn't get the time off to go on a field trip. You are not alone. 

To the mother who is beating herself up because she can't seem to get it together. The one with a laundry pile in each room, dishes in the sink, and crayon on the walls. The one who is searching for balance, and whose biggest fear is an unexpected ring of the doorbell. You are not alone.

To the stay-at-home mother who is overwhelmed and feeling burnt out. The one who hasn't had a break in 4 years, a haircut in 10 months, and celebrates a solo trip to the grocery store like it's an exotic vacation. The one whose children are much better dressed than she is, because there is rarely room for shopping for mama on a one-income budget. You are not alone.

To the mother who feels like she is falling short. The one whose children don't eat organic food, don't wear designer clothes, and haven't traveled the country. The one who doesn't sew, or craft, or grow her own food. The one whose party pictures aren't worthy of a post on Pinterest. You are not alone.

To the mother who just doesn't feel good about herself these days. The one who used to feel pretty, but now just feels tired and worn. The one with scars on her belly, and creases around her eyes. The one who checks the mirror each morning for new gray hair. You are not alone.

To the mother in the post office with the screaming toddler. The one who is trying to calm a fussing infant with one hand, and mail a bill with the other. The one who keeps her eyes down to avoid the gazes of judgment from others. The one who is insecure, and feels like she is losing control. You are not alone.

To the mother of the rambunctious 5-year old boy, or the sassy 7-year old girl. The one who feels guilty when her patience runs thin. The one who locks herself in the bathroom to cry, because she's convinced that she's miserably failing. The one who promises herself at the end of each day, that tomorrow is going to be better. You are not alone.

To the mother of the teenager. The one who is fighting to stick to her guns. The one who is starting to wonder if she did something wrong, or if they are going to make it through these turbulent years. The one who lies awake at night begging God for guidance as they navigate these uncharted waters. You are not alone.

To the mother who can relate to even one of these things... you are not alone. Remember that as mothers, we were never called to be perfect. Give yourself grace in the areas with which you struggle. Forgive yourself when you make a mistake. Then move forward and strive to be the very best mother that you can be.

To the mother who can't relate to anything listed above. You are blessed. Be grateful. Count your blessings and be an encourager in all things.

To all mothers, let's lift one another up. Let's use our strengths to encourage and edify one another. We are all united by a common bond, the love for our children.

If you feel encouraged by this reminder that motherhood is challenging, and you are not alone. Then share it with the mothers in your life!! 

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  1. wow! I'm sitting here with tears streaming as I read this! it's so nice to be reminded that other mom's are going through exactly what I am and that I'm not alone in this crazy journey!

  2. Wonderful! I relate to your post in many, many ways. Thank you! I needed this.