April 30, 2013

A Poem: Little Hands

Little Hands
by Victoria Brake 
Little hands to hold so tight.
Hair to comb, and tears to wipe.
Little feet that grow so fast.
Teeth to brush and bedtime baths.
Little cups that must be filled.
Teething rings that must be chilled.
Little dresses, spin and twirl.
Little hair bows, little curls.
Time is fleeting, oh so fast.
What was just here, is now the past.

Little hands that needed me.
Now need me less, I start to see.
She ties her shoes and combs her hair.
Picks out her clothes, knows what to wear.
She grabs her doll, heads to the door.
I smile, she's still a little girl.
We're at the park, we play pretend.
She tells me I'm her favorite friend.
Who, what, when, where, why and how?
She needs to know these things right now.
So full of life, so full of love.
This gift sent from the Lord above.

She's older now, my little girl.
She's learning more about the world.
Each night I ask the Lord above,
to help me teach her how to love.
There's so much that she needs to know,
and I'm still learning as I go.
Please, Lord... PLEASE help me get this right.
I beg, as I lose sleep at night.
Precious soul, undefiled.
Lord, guide me as I raise this child.

What just happened? Can it be?
My little girl is now a teen.
No more dolls, and no more bows.
That happened fast, where did time go?
Help me to listen patiently,
as I instruct her, Lord guide me.
May my words be gentle and kind.
Loving, sincere, pure and wise.
Her time at home, will soon be gone.
It sure did fly, but it was fun.

Her bags are packed and by the door.
She's off to face a whole new world.
It seems like only yesterday,
as I would rock her… she would say.
Just one more story, pretty please?
Please would you read one more to me?
Then I would tuck her in her bed,
and kiss her on her precious head.
No more ballet, no more tee ball.
No more measurements on the wall.
Today she'll leave this cozy nest,
and spread her wings, and give her best.

Five years later, long white dress.
My heart is full, I am so blessed.
My little girl, a woman now.
So full of grace, I am so proud.
A handsome man, I'll call my son.
I've prayed for him, since she was one.
Thank you Lord, for hearing me.
For strengthening our family tree.
Two young lives will now be one.
A new love story has begun.

Two years later, by her bed.
The doctor says, he sees a head.
A baby girl, wrapped up in pink.
My daughter reaches her to me.
I close my eyes, and smell her hair.
The tears they fall, without a care.
I lay her on my daughter's chest,
the years ahead will be her best.
It's true, she may not know it yet.
But she will soon, that I can bet.

Little hands to hold so tight.
Hair to comb and tears to wipe.

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  1. So sweet, made me tear up. My oldest little girl just turned five last week :)

    1. I read both versions: <3 <3 <3 ( my little boy is 5, my daughter is due in a month and a half) Thank you.

  2. I needed this so much tonight and as the tears stream down my face...I realize that my words may sometimes be harsh and and I probably say "no" way too much......but one day I will blink my eyes and she will be gone.....this little one I hold so dear and prayed so long for...when did I stop enjoying the little things? I have struggled for a long time with this and now with another little one too I don't want to be "that" mom......Lord help me to forget the dishes, the laundry and the other things that are not important and remember my little things that are!

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I've been there, friend! I can tell by reading these few short words that you are a loving mother who cares deeply for your children. Don't be too hard on yourself, it's because of our deep love that we beat ourselves up! Take as many opportunities to say "yes" as you can, create opportunities even, but don't feel bad when you have to say "no". Learning that the answer will sometimes be "no", is just as important of a part of life. You're doing a great job, keep your head up! :)

    2. Kaydeescupcakes... your thoughts echoed mine almost exactly...and my prayer is the same. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Are you the author of this? It is just beautiful!! I wanted to give proper credit when I share. :) Thanks!

    1. Yes, I wrote it last night! :) Thank you, and thanks for sharing! <3

  4. LOVE THIS...

  5. My daughter is grown and the mother of three teenage sons,and serving as a missionary in Brazil.I was the Nanny for a young lady getting married tomorrow, her name is Amy.Thank you for sharing, God has given you a special talent.

  6. Oh how beautiful my dear daughter my best friend Nicole I love u so n have always known the great person u r n know the Mother of Luca u make me so very proud.

  7. Oh how beautiful my dear daughter my best friend Nicole I love u so n have always known the great person u r n know the Mother of Luca u make me so very proud.

  8. This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you, I have two girls my oldest is about to be twelve, and my youngest is eight! They are growing up so fast I can't believe it!

  9. How beautiful,and true! I read this through tears;time flies.Thank you for sharing.

  10. How beautiful,and true! I read this through tears;time flies.Thank you for sharing.